For a while now Total Diag has exclusively sold its diagnostic equipment within the UK. However, we will soon be broadening our horizons to the rest of Europe and targeting primarily Germany with our ECU, immobilizer, dash and airbag equipment as we have had a lot of interest from that specific region.

Speaking to our head office based in China, has revealed that (unsurprisingly) the Ford VCM II and DS150 have been the focus of the UK auto diagnostic market, whilst the rest of Europe is more interested in French and German cars and therefore interfaces such as the Renault CAN Clip and VAG diagnostic tools are of more interest.

We would like to reassure our European customers both present and in the future that we will strive to keep shipping cost as low as possible which means that we will in many cases be more cost effective than buying auto diagnostic tools from China and also avoiding any import taxes.

We feel it is important at this time to thank everybody who has contributed towards our success over the past 6 months as we have grown both as a business and in knowledge and hope for many good times in the future.

We will in 2017 be looking to expand our range of auto diagnostic equipment in to more car key programmers and ECU remapping devices… As always we will keep you updated!