Product Description


KW808 OBD OBD2 Scanner CAN Engine Reset Tool Car Diagnostic Code Reader


Product Features
Vehicle Compatibility:  iOBD2 mini works with all cars after 1996 with OBD2 protocol and all cars with EOBD protocol (EOBD = All Petrol cars sold in Europe after 2001, Diesel cars after 2004).
Hardware Compatibility: Works with all Iphone, Ipod, Ipad and Android smartphones and Tablets that have Bluetooth 4.0.
Data Logger:  With 2MB flash chip, your Trip data will be recorded. You can review your trip data, such trip distance, fuel consumption, extreme acceleration and time.
Low Power:  You can leave it plugged in the car without worrying it will drain your vehicle battery.
Bluetooth auto-connection:  Turn your device’s Bluetooth on; it will connect to iOBD2 mini automatically without inputting any code.
Connection:  Connection via Bluetooth 4.0.
Feedback:  Make yourself part of our team, if you have any new idea about our App, you can share it with us through feedback.
Free update:  Download latest iOBD2 App with new features from Google play or Apple Store.

Apple authorised developer with MFI License. Works via free APP, search and download it from Apple store and Google Play Store. Or scan the QR code directly
Read & clear all Diagnostic Trouble Codes and view Live Data, performance test and My dashboard: Idle mode, Cruise mode, Sport mode, Performance mode. 
IOBD2-Mini works greats on all cars after 1996 with OBD2/ EOBD protocols. Supported: 1.ISO15765-4 (CAN) 2.ISO14230-4 (KWP2000) 3.ISO9141-2 4.J1850 VPW 5.J1850 PWM
The diagnostic scan tool transform your cellphones and tablet into a professional-grade car diagnostics tool. 
Works on IOS and Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0 only!! : iPhone4s/5/5s/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus, iPad2/3/4/5/6/mini2/mini3 and Android device with 4.4 system and above
How to use:
1.Plug the scan tool into the vehicles OBD2 connector, then run the APP.

2.Select your vehicles brand and model.

3.Turn ignition on and clicking settings menu in the APP, select hardware iOBD2-Mini.

–The OBD2 connector should be located under the dash.

–Look below the steering column, on the lower dash above the clutch pedal, or possibly behind the ash tray.

Diagnostic Function:

1.Reads DTCs: Reads and clears DTCs stored in the engine and Transmission ECU,s and shows their detailed information.

2.Live data: Reads the parameters.

3.Readiness test: Click Readiness test in the menu, the screen will display the test status of the car.

My Dashboard:

1.Idle mode: Display the engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, Air-intake temperature, instant fuel consumption (static), average fuel consumption etc..

2.Cruise mode: Display the vehicle speed, current engine load, water temperature, travel time, travel average speed, instant fuel consumption(dynamic) etc..

Performance test:

1.Accelerate/Decelerate : Test acceleration / deceleration process time and distance.

2. 0 to 400m acceleration : Test acceleration time from 0 to 400 meters.


1. Voltage:9-12 V 

2. Dimension:2x2x1 In

3. Weight:0.26 Lbs


1x IOBD2-Mini device

1x User manual