Product Description

This interface covers:



(1)ECU information
(2)Dynamic Data
(3) Read fault code
(4) Clear fault code
(5) Component Test
(6) Special function , such: Accelerator reset, ISC reset, CO volume adjust etc.
 In the dynamic data, you can check waveform, about the change of numerical curve.
3. Update

Easy update, only need to connect PC with USB, Click “USB memory” in the manual , you can see pc find new U disk after you Click OK. 
Then, you can copy the update file into U disk, then turn off U disk from PC side, then you can finish update according the notices.
(When TF card couldn’t reset ok, then please turn off and re-connect, finish update as it said) 
4. Language

5. Function as U disk

After connect well with USB Cable and PC machine, choose “ USB Memory” and confirm, then the PC Machine can be as function of U disk, 
you can save files as your request. After done, just need turn off U disk in PC Side, then the machine will back to main manual.
6. Support K-LINE and CANBUS 

7. Change TC Card and battery

When TF card broken or the battery powerless, you can open the back of machine to change. 
When you change, please be attention that the machine should be outage totally.
Attention, please kindly note that the format of TC card is FAT32 when you format, 
otherwise our machine cannot work normally.
Package including:
1pc* MCT-200 Main Device
1pc* USB Cable
1pc* Main Test Cable
1pc* Battery Terminal Cable
1pc* For Hartford Cable
1pc* For Honda Cable
1pc* For KYMCO 3P Cable
1pc* For SYM 3P Cable
1pc* For KAWASAK1 4p Cable
1pc* For KAWASAK1 4p/ 6p Cable
1pc* For PGO 6p Cable
1pc* For SU- ZUKI Cable
1pc* For SU- ZUKI 4P Cable
1pc* For SU- ZUKI 6P Cable
1pc* For PIAGGIO/ VESPA 3P Cable
1pc* For Yamaha 3p Cable