OBDSTAR is certainly a rising star within the automotive diagnostic industry, in many cases laying waste to its competitors in both price and performance of it diagnostic equipment, not to mention that they are now well established in key programming devices, PIN code readers and dash/ ECU programmers.

What’s great for those wanting to buy diagnostic equipment is that OBDSTAR’s devices are all original and as such are of a much higher quality and general functionality is a lot better compared to clone diagnostic tools which are known for breaking.

One of their latest triumphs is the OBDSTAR X300M Odometer/ Mileage adjustment device which offers a broad range vehicle coverage, it comes with a multi language option, ARM high speed chip that enables fast and stable running speeds and a rugged exterior for protection.

OBDSTAR are even now moving in to the more specific VAG range with the VAG PRO and MAZDA/ FORD handheld key programmers.

For all those technicians and enthusiasts OBDSTAR should be on your radar for any upcoming purchases of diagnostic or automotive equipment, they give great functionality and are kind to your pocket