What Is OBD II/2 and Why is it so Important?

OBD II stands for On Board Diagnostics, every car and truck/ HGV manufactured after 1996 will have with port as it became an industry standard.

On Board Diagnostics is immensely important as it allows mechanics access to the vehicles check engine light, emissions, mileage and speedo as well as allowing anybody with the correct diagnostic tool or interface access to all the vehicle’s diagnostic functions/ Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s).

One of the most common faults with cars or any vehicle infact is the check engine light, this usually comes on when their is a serious fault within the car than requires immediate attention.

OBD II is important simply because it allows you to access the vehicles diagnostic systems, identify the source of the problem(s) along with in many instances a DTC and take approptiate action to remedy the cause.

The OBD II port can always be found withing 18 inches of the steering column and is usually sited under the steering wheel/ drivers footwell and with some vehicles can even be found around the handbrake.

Diagnostic interfaces or sometimes referred to as diagnostic scanners/ diagnostic reader/ diagnostic tool are an absolute must for any mechanic or enthusiast wanting to access the OBD system