Super OBD Hand-held Key Programmer SKP-900

Transponder Technology in Cars Transponder technology is used in many security applications regarding access and is pretty much standard in most motor vehicles today. How it works A small transponder chip is embedded into your vehicle's key. When inserted into the ignition the chip is energised by a radio frequency sent from the ignition barrel. [...]

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We Will Soon Be Selling Diagnostic Tools To Europe

For a while now Total Diag has exclusively sold its diagnostic equipment within the UK. However, we will soon be broadening our horizons to the rest of Europe and targeting primarily Germany with our ECU, immobilizer, dash and airbag equipment as we have had a lot of interest from that specific region. Speaking to our [...]

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OBDSTAR – The New & Upcoming Diagnostic Devices To Have

OBDSTAR is certainly a rising star within the automotive diagnostic industry, in many cases laying waste to its competitors in both price and performance of it diagnostic equipment, not to mention that they are now well established in key programming devices, PIN code readers and dash/ ECU programmers. What's great for those wanting to buy [...]

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Delphi DS150/ Autocom CDP Diagnostic Interface

The Delphi DS150 / Autocom diagnostic clone scanner is arguably the most universal tool within it's price range. It gives superb diagnostic functionality that is only surpassed by other diagnostic equipment such as the Snap On Solus, which to be fair is a good deal more expensive. Delphi DS150/ Autocom has 3 types of vehicle [...]

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Buying Clone Diagnostic Tools From China

Many mechanics and enthusiasts alike have toyed around with the idea of buying their diagnostic equipment from China and why not! Genuine diagnostic tools seem to cost the earth and garages must put a hefty amount of money with continual investment in keeping up to date with each new release of vehicle, whether its firmware [...]

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What Is OBD II/2 and What is it Used For?

What Is OBD II/2 and Why is it so Important? OBD II stands for On Board Diagnostics, every car and truck/ HGV manufactured after 1996 will have with port as it became an industry standard. On Board Diagnostics is immensely important as it allows mechanics access to the vehicles check engine light, emissions, mileage and [...]

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Hello world and welcome to Total Diag

Hello Everybody, We are very excited to welcome you to our newly unveiled website.   We hope you enjoy our products and please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.   Wishing you many happy returns.   The Total Diag Team payday loans mississippi

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