Many mechanics and enthusiasts alike have toyed around with the idea of buying their diagnostic equipment from China and why not! Genuine diagnostic tools seem to cost the earth and garages must put a hefty amount of money with continual investment in keeping up to date with each new release of vehicle, whether its firmware updates, CAN BUS or even new adaptations on a vehicle, the list goes on…

Whilst buying clone tools from China may seem like a good idea it is not without its perils, the main 2 which need to be highlighted are:

  1. Will it actually work? Which really translates in to “If it doesn’t work what customer support (if any) will I be able to receive?”, will the buyer effectively be out on a limb, stuck with a non-working diagnostic scanner/ interface?

Which catapults the buyer in to many more issues such as refunds, returning the item to China and the cost therein, the buyer needing to receive some kind of customer support will they be understood, time zone issues, but probably most of all TRUST that the seller is willing to help the buyer.

        2. Postage of the item and import duties – Per item the postage cost is relatively high if you want to receive it before 30 days, China sellers will typically opt for express postage via DHL and whilst they’re a superb postage service if you are unfamiliar with the process it can seem a little daunting to say the least and you may well find it taking a lot longer than the expected 3/4 days, not to mention the import costs if your China seller puts in the wrong value for your item.

If you would like a cheaper postage alternative you more than likely will receive your item via China snail mail which can take anywhere from 30 days if not more, this can be a frustrating amount of time for any garage or diagnostic enthusiast to wait, coupled with the fact that most of the time tracking is not provided so you’re in a state of limbo as to whether you will even receive your diagnostic equipment in the UK.

Import duties can, if not properly understood become a massive issue. So you are due to receive you’re item via express mail and the tracking is showing it’s in the destination country, all looks good, right? Then you receive notification from the courier that you need to pay import duty/ tax before the item is released to you. If the item value has been declared incorrectly you may find yourself with a hefty bill which renders the whole point of purchasing from China null and void. 

In summary, yes buying any kind of diagnostic equipment/ interface or ECU/ key programmer from China can be a worthwhile experience but it’s not without it’s risks…

That’s why at Total Diag we have found a genuine need to bridge the gap between risk of purchase from China and reduced cost of purchasing clone diagnostic tools. We are UK based and have native English speaking customer support. We DO accept 30 day returns and have genuine experience within the automotive industry. You will NOT face problems with delivery or import tax as the item is already within the UK, in many cases you will find our prices are somewhere in between the China sellers and eBay prices, on many fronts we actually out-compete most other sellers! 

We trade on excellence and support, its one of the main cornerstones of our business – we are all about the automotive industry and the supply of affordable diagnostic equipment.