About Us


If you are an auto lover or you love your vehicle such that you will not compromise on its needs, then here at Total Diag you are in the perfect place if you want nothing but the very best for your vehicle when it comes to its care or its perfect maintenance. Total Diag can greatly help you find the very best care for your vehicle through its specially dedicated services for vehicles available anytime you want them!
With myriads of technologies going about and around the automotive industry, you can find the most state-of-the-art and the most cutting edge tools for your car that can help you diagnose a lot of issues and many different challenges at the same time through the approaches and features provided in them. Whether it is the best selling tools and equipments or normal wireless car coding scanning tools, you can find all of them here very easily and very effectively as well.
Total Diag makes sure that its clients get the best of what they seek which is why it provides the utmost as well as the most personalized care to each client’s needs separately and maintains its name efficiently as well. The best part is that you can also get assistance through our website to know of the most advanced and the best working tools of the area that you are looking for, through our expert category besides affordable prices as well. You can also take advantage of our easy shipment and payment modes made available for your extra assistance too.
Hence timing lights, gas analyzers, emission analyzers, electrical testers and test leads, air bag simulators and scan tools, ignition testers, multimeters and analyzers, pressure and vacuum testers, timing lights or anything whatsoever, you just have to name it to get it, and that too get it in the most durable, polished, fine and quality oriented way that is incomparable to others of the field. There are many featured brands that you can choose from so that you can get exactly what you want to suit your auto needs, which make Totaldiag the best ever you’d come across!